Are there any good zombie games for pc? something like a fps but shooting hordes of zombies that are in your way?
counter strike source zombie mod!!
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If you've got Half-Life 1, "They Hunger" is pretty sweet mod for it. I've only played the first one though.
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Pretty much all of the Resident Evil games have been ported to PC at one point or another.
oh ya I've played those mods for half life, fun stuff but I guess I'm looking for something more...
That would be cool to have a cool little dot flash game that you could just find weapons and take out zombies. Find people, make an army, build a base.
crimson land is a good one, its birds eye tho,
or go buy serious sam
or painkiller
but taht game SOADrox posted is fair fun
painkiller looks pretty neat ty hale 91 and tomoo666
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^ yes but which game?

Try Resident Evil 4 if you haven't played it for consoles yet.
see if u can find a copy of timesplitters if u have a console and a few spare $$
imo, time splitters 2 is the best multiplayer (and aimless mass killing) game ever made.

a game to 100 kills (if u know waht ur doing) lasts no more than 5 min
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Dawn of the Dead has a pretty good Flash game for it. Basically just standing still shooting zombies as they run at you. Good graphics, though.

that is insanely difficult.
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dead rising is easily the best zombie game ever

next in line would be resident evil 4 for the Wii
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dead rising is easily the best zombie game ever

it was only released for the Xbox360 wich totally suck.
doom 3 man, that game had me pissing in my pants when I played it at night :p
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Resi 4 looks great on the consoles, but it was really badly ported to the PC
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it was only released for the Xbox360 wich totally suck.

yea, i know

even if it was released for the PC, it would require Vista, which would suck anyway. Much more fun on a bigger screen
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