Alright, I really don't know what to do here. I am looking for a new amp, i wanna spend under 200$. Its either I get a completly new amp, or my friend thought of this idea...buy multipule pedels...lol btw im sitting on a MG10 right now...help
what styles do you play?

id say get a vox ad15vt. its spot on for your budget

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If you don't play in a band check out the Peavey Valveking Royal 8. 5 watts tube combo w/8" speaker and master volume. Very good bluesy tone. Great for classic rock. $200 list price. You could mic it.
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or did u mean 8.5 watts tube?

5 watts tube. around 30 ss.

its luod enough for a band practice IMO... not so much for a gig.
i love how MG is in his name, but it could just be coincidental like his initials or something..actually that still is a shame
Fender Champ. = 15 watts SS I'd say.
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