Hey I can't really hear you in the Redneck video
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From what i heard on Redneck, you seem pretty good. turn your volume up.
Who dat?
thanks man.

yeah, next time, I'll actually plug the mic into something lol. the only reason i was really using it for these vids was because i felt like an idiot just standing there screaming lol
very nice. pisses me off how some people say that screamings too easy. keep it up
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yeah man, screaming and all that extreme metal vocals are a bitch.

i just started learning exhale pig squeals and there hard as hell.
Are you in a band? You're really good, you wouldn't imagine how difficult it is to find a good metal singer. Keep up the good work
wow nice youre ****ing loud!! and you sound good too!
good job on redneck have not heard trivium.

our old singer whisper screamed he sounded awsome he just had to turn his mic up way loud. he quite tho for a real job =( now we are still needing a new one
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You know, it's really refreshing to hear younger people that can actually scream. Thank you.