I'm talking about like the Baby Taylor and the small Martins, I have about 400 dollars to spend, which model do you reccomend? Solid top required.
The Baby Taylor is great. If you dont mind the ugliness, get the mahogany one!
Only thing is, it just feels too small for me. I'm not a big guy but, I dunno, it feels smaller than 3/4 to me.
the Seagull Grand whatever parlor model is great too.
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I have owned a baby taylor for about 7 years now. It never disappoints when I just wanna pickup a guitar or bring it somewhere.
I don't like the fact that the taylor does not have a binding on it, it exposes the side of the spurce top and leaves it vulnerable to nics and chipping.

I like Seagull's mini jumbo in this price range.

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