Hey guys. I'm refinishing my Slammer Pacer-1 Strat copy. I'm not quite sure the finnish yet, or quite what I'm doing. That's the point of my thread. This is for me, and all the guitarists/guitar mod wanna-bees who haven't the slightest clue what to do to refinish a guitar.

There will be pics.

So, so far I've taken all the pieces off. In this order:
1. I take the strings off
2. Out comes the neck (unscrew neck plate)
3. Bye-bye Pickguard (slash cables w/ hands joining pickguard to input, and tremolo (why?)
4. I unscrewed the tremolo by the six screws on the face of the guitar. Then I unscrew both screws atop the springs at equal pace, so the strings don't pop in my face.

Now, I'm sanding. I'm using whatever I have. I've started fromt he back, since in the not-so-unlikely event I give up, the damage won't be as bad. For sanding paper, I'm using 80 and 100 grit. this takes the candy-apple red finish off, but scraches the wood. I'm thinking high grit paper will remove these. Will it? And are these scrates normal?

Are these normal?

Notice the big really white over-sand around the edges. Normal?
Can they be removed??

The face! And more scratches/ big oversanding spots

Please help!
You'll need to use 80 grit, then 100, then 220, then 360, then 400, then 600, then 800.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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