That honestly was very very good. I loved the intro with the texture building up as the instruments come in. The chorus had a catchy melody which I liked and is a good point in a song. I really liked the pre-chorus, it sounded quite epic and it felt like it was building up to something. The pre-solo was awesome, I really liked the melody in that. I don't know what you were saying about the solo being messy as it is actually quite good, the only thing was I thought it should have had a bend on the last note of it with vibrato and slide off. Then the alternate chorus was a nice change and the bridge after leading to the outro which I liked the use of the cross fading with everything fading out and keyboards fading in.

Very well done to you, I thought it was an awesome epic sounding song.

If you have time can you comment on mine: Here
I want to make melodic metal like this, but it just dont realy work out that good.
So currently only metalcore and soft **** comes out.

But that was quite good.

Only thing i can putt my finger on is that most of the song goes over the same progression, and the verse and chorus are almost the same.