Ok, heres the deal, i have come up with the name of our four person band, consisting of a bassist, myself, two guitarists and a drummer, we play alternative rock music , and our name is in conflict, the guitarist wants the name Moch Mountain for the band, but i want Mock 112, ive been asking around lately and been getting that Mock 112 is a better name, but i was looking for some more opnions, now, Mock 112 or Moch Mountain for the band name? Thanks muchly
umm dude ur title says mock112 already lol
i say go with mock 112 it sounds alot better IMO.
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yea my title already says that because it was supposed to be the name until the drummer talked to the lead guitarist and changed his mind for some odd reason, but i need help to prove the Mock 112, which in my own opnion is better, would go over better than Moch Mountain, but if you disagree then also say so, either way your help is needed, i want to honestly find out which is better, thanks again muchly
Both are ****, what do you plan on playing, pop punk? is there even a meaning behind the numbers or the stupid spelling?
mach mountain, its like going fast down a big hill
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