hey everybody, I'd like a little advice here.

I just bought myself a new bass, brand spanking new schecter custom 5(hurray)
it looks awesome, great to touch, and sounds awesome, except the terrible fret buzz.

so I don't know whats going on with the fret buzz, its really bad on specific frets, and gets worse when I drop tune, or down tune and then drop tune again.

oh, and I imagine this is something that could contribute to the fret buzz, Its a 5 string, but it has high C instead of low B (e a d g c)
would that be causing alot of the fret buzz? and what do i gotta do to fix the fret buzz?

any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
what frets specifically are buzzing?

it definatly sounds like a truss rod problem, which is strange, because my schecter cv-4 was set up perfectly...i wonder why yours is bad

it isn't because of the high-c...really if anything that string would help "fight" fret buzz, in a way, because there's more tension of the string pulling on the neck

since it's your new bass, and i'm sure you're still in that "overprotective" stage, i would have your local music store do a professional set up on it, truss rod adjustments aren't hard to do, but if you don't know what you're doing, you could destroy your neck

good luck!
teh neck is probably warped,
a truss rod adjustment will fix it, but have someone who knows what they're doing do it.
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thank you

guess I'm stuck heading back to the store eh?

and crossfire you asked what frets specifically, and that gets complicated because it changes for every string!

but there are some sweet spots that particularly suck, the first fret is rough on every string, and frets 1-6 are pretty bad on the everything but E and A the fourth fret on C is totally ridiculous, barely get any note out of it its just pretty much all buzz.

so around that area is pretty much where most of the buzzing is happening, but there are some randoms all over.

I don't know if that helps at all, and I guess even if it does or doesn't I still gotta head over to the store

but thanks alot for all of your help! and sorry about all the babbling I do
Quote by orpheus171
teh neck is probably warped,
a truss rod adjustment will fix it, but have someone who knows what they're doing do it.

If a neck is warped. A truss rod adjustment will not do anything. Having a neck Warp, means is twists to the side. A truss rod only does forward and backward adjustments.

Although the problem does sound like the truss rod to me, your neck is most likely NOT warped.