I need opinions on equipment to buy but i have a money restriction.
I am only looking for equipment that will give me the best modern hardcore sound.
such as atreyu, as i lay dying, ect
I can only spend $1,600

Please and thanks you for the help
Any guitar with hot humbuckers + Peavey 6505 = Hardxcore
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yo dude, Im saying probably a Jackson, Ibanez or Esp(ltd) umm...possibly a Line6 but I agree with the guy above me man... WICKED choice...
ESP Viper - 570ish
Used 5150 Head - 500-600ish
Vader Cab ... 2x12 - 400ish
... 4x12 - 700ish
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the end result is...
1550ish w/ a 2x12, or 1850ish w/ a 4x12.

If you go w/ the 2x12 it's in your budget. and you'd have a perfect setup for hardcore.