I = new to electric guitar... been an acoustic boy for a year or so now. Anyways, just got a guitar and amp... and am having trouble with piss-y neighbors. so Questions:

1) Do I have to buy special headphones to hook into the line-out of my amp... like to fit the line out jack or is there a way to hook standard headphones into it.

2) How do I hook the sound from my amp directly too my computer to record? Is there a cable I can buy to bypass the microphone?

Thanks and sorry for being retarded,

1) Most headphone outputs on amps need a 1/4 inch jack, the standard headphone jack you plug into cd players and such are 1/8 inch. This is just for sound quality and such. They make both headphones with 1/4 inch jacks and adapters to plug your 1/8 inch headphones into a 1/4 inch output. Sorry I was only able to answer one question.
1. just get a little converter thing from radioshack.

2. if you have a "line out" connect directly to sound board.

and its spelled n00b, n00b!

You don't hook headphones up to the line-out, you plug them into the headphone jack with a converter. If you don't have a headphone jack, keep headphones away from your amp!
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dont line out ur amp to ur pc, it nearly always sounds crap, just get a mic and stick ur amp a few meters away from it and voila! always works for me, but now have good mic and no need to use crap mic
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1.) Buy an 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch converter to go onto your headphones. Can be found at radioshack for around 5 dollars.

2.) If you want to line-out to your computer, it sounds bad, but you can still do it. You would need the opposite converter for it to go to the computer port, a 1/4th inch to 1/8th inch converter, which can also be found at radioshack. But it is very true that it sounds much better to just mic your amp, so you can get the real sound of it. Even a ****ty computer mic generally sounds better than putting your amp through line-out.
Quote by JC13
I believe you need certain headphones.

Secondly, I think there is a way. I know there is a way to record directly from your guitar into the computer - and then use amp simulators (there are some REALLY good ones out there..).

i dunno about the amp simulators cause like i direct line to my comp from my guitar and im usin amplitube through kristal and it sounds like ass. and like guitar fx is another one thats not good.
i find it very hard to get good pinches by direct recording into the comp.

but jc13 do you know any good FREE amp simulators?