hey guys i recently posted a song on here and here is the full finished demo of it without any vocals unfortunately... i thought it sounded like muse stuff but after i finished it i dont really know what it sounds like and please disregard all the minor mistakes in the song.. leave your links for me to crit please thank you

Its called heaven or hell

Inditernaprog? I like this song a lot, by the way. I think I said that in the original thread.
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ROFL inditernaprog great its a new genre and thanks voodoo i didnt expect a reply so soon any stuff for me to crit??
A few excerpts from a practice. I've posted different cuts of the songs before, these are just outtakes from a practice session I had a little while ago and figured UG might like to hear. It's pretty close to the top of the page.
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sounds very progressive to me. i can hear a bit of the muse romantic classical kind of sound in it though not exactly. i wouldn't say you invented your own genre but this is very unique and different. i guess i would classify it as either progressive rock or alternative rock.

crit mine?
Indeed very Muse-like (which is positive!) but... I would take a slightly less amount of overdrive in the heavier-parts...
Although that (what's just a small adjustment that can even been done on stage!) I'd give you a 7/10... Depends on vocals/drums if it gets higher
Haha very muse like. I liked it until the background guitar came in. It sounds too wierd :/ I dunno why. The part after that is really....you know like not eerie but sorta mysterious...i dunno, it kinda reminds me of something that would be played during a mario level underwater! haha (that's a good thing) I like it. Again, when the rhythm guitar comes in, it just blocks everything out, you definetly have to work on that. I think if you just fix that you'd have a pretty cool song on your hands. Good job!
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