Ive been looking for a good volume pedal that isnt expensive. Reason being I'm an aspiring guitarist that took a break..for two years...and now I am getting back to what I love, music. Anyways, I was thinking of getting an Ernie Ball but after some research found it to be not what I want.

I want something plain and simple, something that will keep my tone as it is and just change my volume. All I'm using is an amp, guitar, distortion pedal, and soon to come wah/chorus/volume pedal. As for now I'll just be gettin a volume pedal. SOOOOO, I found something really cheap..well, pretty low under $100. The George Deniis GD20. Ive heard that its really good so I'm wondering what you guys think. Trust me, if I had the cash I would get a Hilton or whatever but I cant.