answer any you want, dont have to answer all.

1. Would you be embarassed to use an epiphone on-stage?

2. Does anybody own an Epiphone Les Paul Classic?

3. If so, have you ever used it onstage?

4. Epiphone Les Paul Classic vs Epiphone Les Paul Standard? which is better?
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lol... i can only answer 1 and 4.

1. i wouldn't, cuz half of the ppl wouldn't know what Gibson is.

4. Classic quilt top imo is better, because the slim taper neck, closer to my fender necks. better pickups imo too. decent open coil humbuckers. nice body grain.
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classic......i think
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no, i have a vintage epiphone crestwood custom from the 70's and it rocks.

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i had a classic quilt top.

sold it

but its better than the standards
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1) nope
2) yep, very happy with it
3)not yet (unfortunately)
4)I chose classic -> better neck, open coil pickups, $100 cheaper