the song is called crimson waves and I'm not sure exactly wat key its in but if you really need to know i can find out
thanks alot in advance

the first verse is:

her clear blue eyes
velvet smile
heavenly thighs
make it all worth while

those lyrics can be changed as well if needed
You could try this for the 1st verse;

her clear blue eyes
that velvet smile
these heavenly thighs
make it so worth while

for the 2nd verse you could talk about the type of person rather than just the physical. I don't know the girl but it could be something like this;

she likes to dance
with floating feet
In a smiling trance
I did skip a beat

Ok ... so i wrote that in 5 mins but you get the idea. Write something about what she likes or who she is. Any help.

A crit on mine: Distraction would be nice.
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