I haven't been here in a long time, but I like this one but I'd love to hear what you have to say. C4C as always, and thank you in advance.

Harry Potter and his Exploding Quill

You are cradling a stereotype through an innacurate medium.
I'm so so so relieved that you're aware of your situation
How is it you've been able to keep your skin an organ?
Most people sell it for plastic then re-wrap their bones and
Walking drunk to hess at 4 AM to get some food,
Thinking time's been so so so good to you.
I wish your ankles would snap from working the streets
I wish I could make potions from your hair and drink you into me.
I would make a map that revealed all of your skin
And my tongue would be the key that'd never fail to get me in
Be it words or sex my syllabes will know no bounds
My spit will be my seed that slowly sinks into the ground
And grows into giants of Redwood and Oak
Swedish made desks chairs and ottomans when we are fully grown
And I will carve our initials into every trunk and every giants arm in my private forest
And when you make me cry and more trees fall from the sky the cycle will begin again.

I'm swimming in the future but I left my waterwings in the past.
You're like drinking drain-o in disproportionate servings.
I don't care what you say I know that my songs are worth a laugh
I'm bearing my sole (ripped from walks) just to catch you smiling.
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Of course eating unbelievable amounts of anything can probably harm you, but i chose bananas because they look like willies.
Great job, man. It was a really intelligent piece. I loved the HP references and the little bits of wordplay. I loved the "potions from your hair" line.

I can't wait for the 7th book! I'm only getting mine on Wednesday . Ah well. Worth the wait :P.

Crit mine?
Can't say I was never wrong
But some blame rests on you

Work and play they're never okay
To mix the way we do