well, my band is more on the indie side, with alot of blues, rock, and folk influences. we have been a pretty good little project lately, we are all happy. when we began, it was usually me singing. as of a couple weeks ago, i have met the absolute most amazing female vocalist i have ever met/heard in my life. she is a singer songwriter and is looking for a band. we jammed with her and played some of ehr originals, and turned em into electric songs, and it sounded great.

we think that if we add her to the lineup, itll really put us over the top, and make our sound so much better. we figure, she's fun to have around, and business does seem to do better when u got a pretty blonde with talent up on stage.

the thing is, i still sing lead, and there are some songs we cover that she just cant sing on. the only reason we are doubting picking her up is b/c we wont kno what to do with her when shes not singing. and we dont want her up there looking stupid or anything. what would u do?
Just have her anyway, she can just say "this next song's going to be sung by..." and go off stage for a bit. Shouldn't really be a problem if it's only a couple of songs...
She could play tambourine. It worked in the '60s.
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Every girl has long hairs... Headbang + Windmill + Crowd Animation is very good to do!


I just saw you had blues/rock influences... not metal!
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haha, its alright...but i guess ur right, we do have a cover of since i've been lovin u that i sing, and im sure she could headbang during the guitar swells in that song. but ya, for the most part, there wont b much time to headband
Your solution is power chords.
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Have her hold a guitar and look pretty.

Since she's a singer songwriter, I assume she can play an instrument. Have her do that. If theres no room for it in the song she should step off stage for a moment, as Edamr suggested.

If she becomes a permanent fixture, try to work in more songs with her voice and move away from songs where she has nothing to do.
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I don't think she would look stupid just standing there. Maybe have her sing back ground vocals when your singing lead.
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Two words:

More Cowbell.
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Have her play a couple guitar chords on songs she doesn't sing, or some kind of basic rhythm guitar.
To the people who want her to strip: Thats kinda stupid... just a little bit. Maybe offer better advice?
I agree with the other people who say she should play an instrument. Rhythm guitar ftw.
Get her to sing lead on the songs she can, and then get her to harmonize with you when you're singing lead?
My true suggestions: As said. Cowbell, Tambourine, Backing Vocals, Power Chords/Simple Rhythm.

My manly suggestions: As said. Strip, or stand there and look pretty.
personally, I hate girl singers. HATE. (except in my fav pop songz<3!!!) but seriously, use her when needed or wanted. if she can't sing a certain song, you do it. have her walk off the stage or do a crowd dive.
have her do some funky dancing on stage. Thats what anthony kiedis does when john frusciante sings songs
Crazy idea! Why not just ask her what she would want to do in that situation?
yeah do some more well known songs. ie Sheryl Crow and Sting. i cant think of others cause i just got back from a 10 mile bike ride and our water isnt working. + humidity is like 70% and in the 90s
Tambourine is definitely the way to go if you don't want her just sitting there. If she isn't good at it, don't mic it and nobody will hear it. If she is good at it, you have a great addition to a band.
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Definetly agreeing on the tambourine, there. Seriously, take a look at James Labrie of Dream Theater on "the Spirit carries on" on the DVD score. If that isn't powerful tambourine, then I don't know what is!!!

Ooooooor use her a bit more to advantage, and make her play an instrument. Definetly don't ditch her.
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You can ALWAYS work in female vocal harmonies into songs in those genres, and they sound FANTASTIC

Just pick her up, it'll be great
make her play an instrument =]

or you could make her pole dance =]
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