Looking for a place to buy an Epiphone Les Paul - Truss Rod Cover. There are sites that list them in google but cannot locate them in the site, for example on the Harmony site there is no listing for this particular one, or I am having eye problems and missing the correct link.

Give that a whirl - Definitely noticed a few Gibson ones that'll do the job. Only bugger is, it's all based in germany & they do have a minimum purchase of 25 euros (or £17/18 )
(Go into guitars & Basses - spare parts for instruments - miscellaneous spare parts)
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harmony-central is a review site, not a shop.
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harmony-central is a review site, not a shop.

Yes, my bad, I was looking for a link on that site to a sellers site.

Gibson's won't work, those are two-screw holes and the Epiphone are a three-screw hole type. All in all, thanks for the quick feedback, no wonder this is the favored place for all guitars!