no ebay links ^^^ reported^^^
Epi Les Pau Quilt topl~Emg 81/85 Ghs 11's(1/2 step drop)
Charvel Model 4 EMG 81/SA/85 DR 10's (standard){for sale}
Peavey Deuce VT
Marshall JCM 800
Dunlop ZW-45 wylde wah
Dunlop RotoVibe
MXR ZW-44 Overdrive
Boss CE-5 Chorus
I hate when some people are SOO bent on the rules.

This is a network and communitty for musicians....I've always believed that if the guy has something to sell, then this is by far the best place to do it.

Gorgeous guitar btw...if I hadn't just bought ANOTHER guitar a week ago, I'd definitely jump on this one.

If you could PM me the ballpark amount you're looking to get for this puppy, I would really appreciate it....might take it off your hands as the account still has SOME leaway
No e-bay links, and how much are you looking for for it?

EDIT I live very close to you, we could probably work something out with this, pm what your looking for