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gin or southern comfort
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i like jack daniels and coke with ice, im also into the ladies drinks like Malibu and pineapple, or baileys cream.
Koskenkorva, with milk or coke.
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Voka and Coke
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you shoulda lynched that nigger.

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Rye and Coke
or straight Hennesey (yeah, the stuff from Seinfeld).
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Magners cider.

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I'm a pussy, I drink Baileys
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son of a bitch, you beat me to it

oh well. I prefer Silent Sam Whiskey, its delicious
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Stella every night of the year (or some other extremely nice lager)

I also enjoy a nice bitter, such as John Smiths.

other than that its Jack Daniels, but not with coke or any **** like that, i like it neat
steel reserve
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I like jim beam the most out of whiskey because it tastes good enough for me and its not as expensive.also I like to have a nice cold corona with lime.
smirnoff ice
pina colada.
no im not gay
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if its alcolholic ill drink it cept bitches drinks like alcopops and bulmers.
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Whiskey sours
Melon Balls
Coffee or hot cocoa with Bailey's Irish w/mint
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i love whiskey, vodka and gin primarily, but i've grown a fondness toward vodka now a days. it doesn't smell and you can drink it without getting caught (if you can fake sober), it can me mixed with anything and it tastes pretty good.
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La Fin Du Monde, best beer I've ever had. 9% but it goes down SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO smoothly...

Oh man...Tastes like heaven. The beer is well deserving of the name.
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smirnoff ice
pina colada.
no im not gay

so your a woman?
Southern Comfort. mmm.

And Goldshlager. mmmmmmm
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And nothing else.

And if ever You come near, I will hold up high a mirror.
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or a couple mother's milk(steel reserve) 22's if i dont have a lot of money
hi everybody

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acetone mixed with baby's blood.
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The blood of a thousand virgins! >D

Trust the fuckin' Vietnamese

On topic, Carling or JD.
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