i have looked up crate amplifiers and im not sure which what suit my style i play metal like metallica megadeth death judas priest etc and i like to shred to stuff like jason becker malmsteen and paul gilbert if anyone owns a amp that might follow under the following please post a reply

ive also looked at peavey jsx and vht deliverance if you know of or own any of these amps tell me about how they play
i own the crate gtd65 and it has amazing gain settings i highly recomend it for metal players
I have the XT120R. You get 120 watts pretty cheap without sacrificing quality. ZProbably the best thing to do is try it out yourself.
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the peavey jsx is extremely versatile. It can do metal, trust me. the cleans are really nice especially if you use the reverb on the amp. I think its really clear too.
If you are going to be playing at more than moderate volume or are gigging the Crates don't cut through the mix or club volumes. They are ok for practice or bedroom volumes. I would suggest you consider a tube combo.
i really don't like solid state crate's distortion. it's basically the same gritty buzzy feel no matter how high or low the gain is. and the 'shape' is just a scoop knob.
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ive also looked at peavey jsx and vht deliverance

If you're looking at -and can afford- amps like this, why are you even starting a thread titled "Crate Amps"?

I don't have first hand experience with the VHT, but the JSX is an awesome amp that'll do everything you want and then some. And if that represents your budget, you should be comparing it to Mesas and Buddas, not Crates.
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