I've been playing a year, and have never had a lesson. I've been pretty diligent with my practice though, and use as many resources as I can. I have tons of books, and have watched many free lessons on the internet. While I know the only way to get better is through years of practice, I particularly need help with my picking hand. Are there any good exercises or methods I can use to increase dexterity? My basic problem is finding the higher strings without looking. I am just fine with the first three, but that probably comes from me playing a lot of power chords. I don't want to fall into a rut though where that is all I can play. Actually playing a solo is something I can't even imagine every being able to do, but I'l practice till my fingers bleed. I already try to do a lot of scales, but anything specific you guys focus on?
Well This may help or not....If your having Trouble finding the next string. Try to have ur pinky sitting near the pickups(resting). Try pick this way with scales. Also challenge your self by skipping strings, to see if you get in your memory. This helped me alot when i first started playing.
i play a lot of songs that involve string skipping on the high strings. you have to look at first but practice it enough and youll be able to guage the distance from each one
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yeah really its all about practice man, you can only speed it up by practicing forever. For warm ups i alternate between the 6 and 4 then the 5 and 3 then the 4 and 2 and so forth. Really a good dexterity warm up song would be like Dig from incubus...its alternating strings on the three high ones. So go for that._E#
well you say that your mostly doing power chords, and that why you can only do the first three strings. then i guess playing open chords and barre chords would help. also, try arpeggiating the chords.

here's a couple songs that will help you practice this too:
Today- Smashing pumpkins
House of the rising sun- The animals
What's my age again?- Blink 182
Time of your life- Green Day
Swing life away- Rise against
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