I am thinking of getting a guitar made in the shape of a marlin or something. I guees it would cost a few hundred dollars right? Also I may buy the shark guitar made by Jay Turser and replace the electronics. I have a JT strat and the electronics suck, so I would naturally replace those.

What do you think?

Everyone post please, thanks.
Why would you want a fish guitar. And your name is neptune, so I'm guessing you have a fascination for the sea. As for the guitar, I didn't even know there were people who would custom build guitars in weird shapes. And also, maybe the electronics in the shark guitar are better.

edit:lol after rereading the title of this thread, I thought of borat
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hahahaha borat.

Uh, a luthier might help with building a custom guitar, cause.. you know, it's only WHAT THEY DO FOR A LIVING...? You're looking at more than a few hundred. For a decent custom, upwards of $350, if you get lucky. You could always build one yourself.

As for the marlin thing..? They're really long and thin and pointy, not really a prime guitar shape.

Well you could stab someone with it if they broke into your house. I guess
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