I got a spider tattooed on my neck, just behind my ear, and it looks awesome. But I can't remembe what the lady told me to do after an hour..?

Do I wash it off or..?

I know this is a ridiculous thread, but I don't want to have wasted a fiver.

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*jumps off a bridge*

Feel guilty now.
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Edit: peel off the paste if it's a henna tat.
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Wait its henna dont those last like 3-4 months or something?
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If it's one of those spiderman tatoo's you get out of those boxes of candy sticks I actually will jump off a bridge...
Henna won't come off for a couple of months.
It is henna.

And it's been on for almost 3 hours now, time to pick it off?
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Real henna last months I think... And some places use shifty henna that last long but makes you sick (blood posoning?);
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Wait its henna dont those last like 3-4 months or something?

like 2 weeks

Edit: ^ I got a dodgy one from a festival so that would be why..
I'm pretty sure people do these dodgy things of em, that make you ill
if its alright, I believe they last for a few months, maybe you can ask someone who'd know(not on UG) coz they'll probably have a better idea of what to do with it.
-Did you get it at a fair or sommit???

good luck dude.