Okay, I searched through all the anchoring threads and could not find an answer to my question. My question is can I rest my forearm on the guitar without it being counted as anchoring? For example, on a Fender Stratocaster there is that slant at the upper left of the body and if I rest my upper forearm there while sitting with a guitar, and while standing the middle of my forearm while playing, will that be considered anchoring or will my fretting hand be considered free floating?
thats what the body contour is there for! use it, u'll find out why the stratocaster is one of the most comfortable and nicest guitars to play and a design classic. its not anchoring at all btw
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From my experience i'ts only considered as anchoring if you rest your picking hand on the guitar.
I have my right arm on the guitar, but I don't anchor with my picking hand.
It's not anchoring, but it can make it harder to play standing up...

...or if you want to thrash around like a loony onstage :P
Nah dude, you're alright. I do that as welll. Nothing wrong with anchoring anyway.