so ive had this thing for a while now and its an alright practice amp but the fact that the channel settings revert back to the preset factory settings whenever u reset the amp or change the channel has just been annoying for too long. everytime i switch back to clean it goes the this trippy phaser sound and i have to refix everything by hand and its just so aggravating. so i was wondering if anyone knew how to delete/turn off these preset settings. i would try to figure it out but i have long since lost the user manual for the amp that may have told me how to do this.
i have a spider II and it has the same problem as you. you know about holding those buttons in and saving and whatnot right? idk im not so good with the thing either. between the insane and metal settings i get this weird ass sound that i know u cant get with the presets or anything. kinda sounds like a motorcycle engine or something. i still like though. great amp to mess around with.
read the book that came with it if u have it.
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wait whats this button hold thing. I dnt have that book thing anymore

put the amp on the channel you want and adjust your settings. From there hold the botton of the channel for 3 seconds. The light should blink and it will save those settings to the channel.
everytime I change my channel, I have to mess around with the echo knob until the echo goes off it's werid. Anyway, good amp though.