I just picked up a epiphone explorer korina at a pawn shop for $180 canadian. it still had stickers on the pickups and plastic over the pick guard. im mostly a strat guy, but this deal was too good to pass up. any thoughts on this guitar or modifications that make these better??? it seems really good as is, probaly just lower the action a bit and let her go
sell it, make a profit. thts worth 500 USD new from like guitar center or w/e
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I've got one. It's nice. It plays nice...its a bit bulky, deffinately not a gutiar to "sit down" and play...but it's nice and crunchy.
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it's nice and crunchy.

are you talking about the guitar or low fat diet shampoo?

you could easily sell that guitar and make a profit, i think $180 canadian is about £50
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yeah its a keeper, i like it more and more as i play it. I think the tone is great and yes I am a fan of humbucker pickups. Ive only yet played it through my roland microcube and I am liking the sound from it. cant wait to play it through the real gear, the next time we have a jam
Nice find mate, that's an uber-bargain! With some new pickups, perhaps a locking bridge and tuners it will slay.
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wow, great price. depending on style of music, you might upgrade the pups with soemthing different. sometimes epi users switch out their toggle switches and or jacks from what i've seen. hell, you could replace EVERYTHING on that guitar that isn't made of wood and probably still come out under the price of a new one if you really wanted to, but it sounds like you're enjoying it without the need for tinkering.
I paid $450 USD for an Epi Goth Explorer, and moved the strap peg to the back so it was actually balanced, and switched out the ****ty pups for an EMG81/85 set. Now it's my main guitar (over a Jackson SL3!) and sounds better than pretty much anything I've ever played.

Long story short, you got a killer deal on what has the potential to be a pretty awesome guitar. The Epi is a little bigger than the Gibson and the Explorer Pro, but since I'm 6'3" and 2-and some change, it fits.
same here epiphone gothic explorer +EMG 81/60 great leads sounds really high output and high gain that the safest way to midify that guitar ->EMG active
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I actually dont find the stock pickups too bad. I find it keeps great tone with this guitar even using high distortion and/or gain. and the sustain is pretty impressive as well.
so no real modifications yet, only a straplok set. the strap falls off these everytime you bend down a little. bend down to adjust a pedal...strap comes off. bend down to plug something in...strap falls off. new straplock fixed that easily. probaly will try a EMG 81/85 pickup eventually to see how much differnce it will make
how's the gold hardware holding up? it tends to fade to a real crappy tarnished brass kind of appearance
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