I own a Fender Stage 1000 amp and I never really notice this but some one told me my amp makes alot of buzz. So i changed cables from guitar to amp and took it down alot.
But it still makes a very low hum, i've tried different cables and different guitars. I'm more then certain my amp wasn't that laud until I moved to my new house. Could it be the wireing? I'm not sure have any of you ever that such an issue?
Javier Ponce
Is it near a computer?
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yeah computers, noisey house circuit. effects pedals (even when off), grounding in your guitar(???)
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NO, not near a computer. I'm thinking about bringing it to some one elses house to see what will happen
Javier Ponce
Well now on clean with high volume and low bass and treble it sounds fine but if i put the bass and treble up it starts humming thats fine right?
Javier Ponce