ok today i was watching some show and they said that "with the invention of transistors computers became small, eliminating the need for vacum tubes"
is this like what happened to amps?
forgive me if this is really stupid im not real smart when it comes to amps and stuff i just play
they still make tube amps...
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Solid state has never 'taken over,' but makes up a large part of the market because they're cheap up front and have no maintenance over the course of their life (they pretty much either work or they're dead). Solid state technology, however, has replaced vacuum tubes in every other technology where tubes were once used.
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it's the old analog vs. digital thing, basically. it's preference of sound, and both are here to stay. i personally love my cube 30, the sounds i can get out of it with the on board effects and amp models are limitless. however, i would love to have an all-tube head for that specific sound. tube is generally louder too.
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why are tubes more expensive or better? sorry for asking..

They're more expensive cuz they're a big honkin' tube of glass, and can't be and aren't made in the same volumes that transistors can.
And they aren't any better at anything except audio amplification or recording. Tubes sound better for something that you don't mind being a little colored and "dirty."
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