I posted this song a while back but it was incomplete for a long while but I have got round to finishing it and fixing it. I don't know why I called it Frag just came into my head . Metal song, not sure what type of metal though. For you to decide!

Well anyway all comments and suggestions are appreciated and I will return them too.

Its preaty good.
I like the way that the verse is faster then the other riffs, and a little darker.
And i realy like those octaves in the chorus.
But i dont think i like the way you use the desending thing
in both the pre-chorus and the chorus.
And all your solo leads are insane, i just loved them. Crazy ****!
But please stop using the chorus so many times at the end, even if its backing track for the lead, change some of it. It was so overused at the end that i was gald it was finaly over.

All in all, its a good song with overused chorus and insane leads, i like it.

Crit my latest if you get the chance.