I've owned my guitar for three weeks, and the very first day I got it, I started trying to play. I was armed with a box of picks, a guitar, and the World Wide Web.

What I found staggered me. Hundreds of websites with tabs, music, practice regimens, lessons, tips, etc etc etc. I didnt know what to do, and that's why I'm here.

I dont know how to get started, to put it simply. I want to play rock guitar(probably both rhythm and lead), but I dont know what to practice or how. If anyone could tell me a few exercises or things to learn/do to help me improve, itd be appreciated. I heard the pentatonic minor scales were good to learn, but I dont know how to find them. Is there a site/link with all of the various scales out there? I cant find anything in this huge mess of guitar sites on the Internet.

i would definitely recommend getting private lessons. Also get yourself a few basic guitar instruction books on how to read both tabs and standard notation and also with basic chords, scales and theory.
Well, I'm a huge fan of just rock music in general. I like classic, metal, alternative, etc etc.

My favorite guitarists are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana, and Richard Kruspe. I never really paid much attention to guitarists until I started saving for my own guitar, so I dont really know all the names of all the guitarists from all my favorite bands.

Oh, and just in case I was a little unclear in my first post, I know how to read tab, where notes are on the fretboard, and most of the basic cords(at least I think so). I figured I'd start with knowing how to make sense of things before trying to really branch out, but I ended up with 500 different things I could learn(all under the general title of 'beginner' or 'easy'), and no way to decide what I should start with. That's what I really need help with- getting started on getting started.

I'm going to go look at some guitar books tomorrow, and see what they have. Any suggestions for what to get?

Oh, and thanks a mill for your help