I've been meaning to ask about this for a while, and the dude in the other thread reminded me about it so..

What exactly did he do for ten hours? I've had a look at this:


but that couldn't have taken 10 hours.... or did he just sit down for 10 hours doing those over and over again? If so, I think he really needs a girlfriend. lol
he masterbated for most of the ten hours

oh yeh, ive come to the conclusion every UG thread needs a reply about masterbating apparently
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he did other variations of what is there and he practiced every scale in every position on every string and linearly. and he improvised in every key.
it's an exaggeration.
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no he's a virtuoso. theres no secrets to becoming great besides practice. zakk wylde would practice from when got home from school to when it was time to go to school and hewould sleep during class. slash dropped out of high school and practiced like 12 hours a day.
The only 5 good reasons to not practice are

straight from vai himself
Steve-o is known for marathon practice sessions- 14 hours a day is short. He usually puts in somewhere around 16-17 when he's not touring.
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I usually practice about 4-7 hours a day depending on what time I get home from school! I really don't think of it as practice though because I like to play the guitar so It's just a time for me to forget about everything else thats going on and have fun!