Ok so I'm finally ready to start my mods to my squier strat, but with a little twist, I'm going to take an electric sander to the paint take it all off, clear it up, and maybe put a wood finish on it to make it look nicer, and the twist? A built in fuzz pedal with a little help from my friend on that part, it will probably be just a clone but shoot, a guitar with a built in pedal? I've never heard of anything like that, well I'm going to do it anyway.
wow some people are real meanies
yes the fuzz in the guitar has been done, and so has other things im sure,
as for the muse comment i thought that the lead guitarist had one the Roland synth things on his guitar, i didnt know he had a fuzz built in
anyways thats good man working on your guitar is fun
i just rewired, repotted, installed SD blackouts, and put a tonepros II on my guitar
that fuzz idea is cool have fun
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
^-Meanies? I go and help him through PMs about how to build a Fuzz Face, then all of a sudden, him/his friend are selling Fuzz Face clones. How is it that he doesnt know anything, then all of a sudden the exact circuit I helped him with is going to be sold...?

I cant imagine the wiring jobs....