So UG'ers, who plays Magic The Gathering greatest card game of them all?

Share your views, experiences, and ofcourse your decks!

I own a mono-white HEAVILY customized samaurai deck with my trusty Jitte, Lighting greaves, and Konda.

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I agree

I play almost non stop black, splashed with other colors.
My decks:
-mill/customized tokens-hair strung koto-ish thingy
-elvish piper-thorn elemental fast thingy
-blue/black precon pimped ninja's
-annoying blue/white counter/prevent deck (just to annoy people in MP)
-probably more:P
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I never used to really play it much it's always been underground in the UK, I jus liked buying them occasionally YEARS ago (portal set and stuff) I had some good ones, I played a few games wi9th someone else into this stuff and it was brilliant.

I sorta wanted a mature card collection set after about 13 or so.
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You noob Black deck pwns

There's no "Best" colour Im afraid.

They all have great potential if you know how to use them to thier advantage.
I played for like 7 years. It's a fun and interesting game and I met some cool people at tournaments and such. There is actually a Pro Tour for Magic but I wish I would have spent more time playing music rather than driving to Dallas or Houston to play Magic with a bunch of fat, sweaty, old guys.

(No offense to any of you fat, sweaty, old guys out there)
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...and I would totally destroy any of you if we were to ever play the game!

Im pretty sure you would lol.

What do you play with?
I used to play this game before I just got enlightment about the fact that it is a great game and all but also a very bad abuse of people's money so I stopped straight after that day.

I still have my cards to sell, it's going well I sold for about 500 $ of them and still have more than 500 $ worth of them, I remember playing a 4 color threshold deck, which was pretty much at the top of its potential, it could pwn everything If played well, I have/had every good rare creature in a playset etc... You know the drill.

An advice: don't go in tournament magic unless it's really just to bring in your 'fun' deck and strictly play agaisnt other people because is you take it too seriously then you get it over your head and go crazy 'bout buying the best only to win, it's really mind-consuming.
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Used to play. I used a blue/white control deck that was pretty solid. I also played unlimited mana with some friends, so I used a ridiculous green deck that was pretty much a joke unless I got lands out damn fast.
I played this game some times in the beginning of the summer. Real nice game if you have some decks and some nice people to play with
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I have a holographic Charizard card

that's not magic, it's pokemon isn't it?