well im getting a Crate GTD65 amp soon.
i have one question
what does overdrive on overdrive sound like?
cause im curious
ive been wanting to try it. but i dont know what it sounds like
i like the overdrive on the crate but i would like it a little heavier
so i thought maybe overdrive on overdrive would be pretty cool but i dont know what it would sound like.
i do believe zakk wylde uses his pedal over a "dirty amp" does that mean overdriven?
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since that's a modeling amp it probably would sound like s**t.
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since that's a modeling amp it probably would sound like s**t.

You can't "stack" overdrives on a solid state amp, it just makes a shedload of noise and feedsback constantlty. On a modelling amp, it's even worse.
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Yes, don't get that amp. Give us a price range and a music style, and we'll suggest something better.
Only tube amps can take overdrive pedals well, because they are designed to increase the signal from a tube preamp. All the Crate does is attempt to copy that sound (which it can't do, of course), so if you want to hear real overdrive, go to a music store and try out a tube amp with an overdrive pedal (or just crank the amp).