Ok, so I picked up a like new black strat with rosewood fretboard for peanuts and I wanna upgrade it!

I will be changin the neck, pups, bridge, tuners and prolly putting some leds on the pick guard! lol! (Pick guard will be red)

So Im not really sure on the neck, i wanna change it but knowing my luck it will have really **** action. But if I am going ahead with it I will either get a Warmoth neck or an American strat neck. pending on Price

For the pups all I will be doing is adding a humbucker, A dimarzio super distortion (Kick ass pup) and leave the centre and neck stock, or I will just have the humbucker (maybe buy a different one so I can split) We'll see!

For the bridge... Hmm.. Not too sure on this one! More than likely an Fender American tremelo!

grover tuners! 18:1.

then just a led pickguard!

Im doing stuff on kiseKae to show you and ye can decide what one is better!
I saw it once and I was like "I want one" like if it looks uber gay I will switch! it also depend whether I get the HSS or H setup too!
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I saw it once and I was like "I want one" like if it looks uber gay I will switch! it also depend whether I get the HSS or H setup too!

I saw one before. It was on some Ibanez in a video tribute to Herman Li or something. It looked cool, but at the same time..very, very gimmicky. Its up to you though.
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yeah! till cheesy too! prolly wont! will put most money into hardware and neck so!
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Why don't you like the neck? Just curious.

Probably because it says Made in Mexico on it.
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Now, now let's not be mean.
A funny story I will try to make short. I bought a MIJ Strat about 12 years ago. It said Made in Japan on the back of the neck heel and "A Floyd Rose Squire" on the peghead. I got drunk one night and scraped it off because I didn't want anyone to know it was Japanese. About a week later I found out that MIJ Strats were highly regarded and some people are gassing for them. Would have been worth more if I had left it alone (not that I would sell it.) So much for being drunk and ignorant at the same time!
Black pickguard on a black strat looks real nice. Might wanna try that too.
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^thats depressing!!

I would pick MIJ strats over american!

The reason for a new neck is the feel! Im not too crazy about it so!
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Black pickguard on a black strat looks real nice. Might wanna try that too.

Don't put a bucker in it, keep it single coils I say
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Good for you. Have a cookie.

But really... there's no cookie. And if there was, you wouldn't get one.

What does the toggle switch do?

and I dont know. Basicly this is goonna be my main guitar so the humbucker would be handy I thinks!
Nice guitar. I probably would have bought a clean used USA Strat and not go through all the trouble of the mods.
Meh I have a friend that put blue LEDs in his semi hollow stagg. Would've looked pretty cool if it was in black.
IMO you'd be better off just buying a body blank and buying all the peices as you go along.
Aren't most Fender neck made in American and then shipped to the Mexican factory anyways?
I've done a refit of a 2-point american tremolo onto 6-point drill holes - you need an exactly sized drill bit, and a week or so. You need to fill the 6-point holes with epoxy and allow it to set perfectly flat for 4 or so days, then drill the holes exactly spaced and fit the block. It's not worth doing unless the bridge is screwed, which it was when I had to do it to a Squier.
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^^^tbh for me it would be nearly as exp. I would have to paint the body and it would be just too much work for me!

^Ok, I was thinking about doing the exact change you did with the bridge! Is it that much work? My bro could help me but if I have to wait a week to do it I might wait a while!
fender necks are all made in corona aren't they?

and black strats with black pickguard, white plastic parts and maple fretboard is the good looking kind.

like this: http://store.guitarfetish.com/60tuprssspia.html
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