Alright, here is my first song so be nice :p.

Alright so it isn't finished, but bear with me, I'm trying to get into songwrting. I can't use recording software, this was done with a Mac and the inbuilt mic. Constructive criticism would be nice.

Please don't be a hater for the sake of it. If you don't like it leave a reason and I will be more than willing to take your opinion on board and use it to improve.
It's an acoustic song. Kinda of like Jack Johnson style (closet I can think of).

The Storm Before the Calm

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Overall, cool song man. Voice was nice, panning voice effects was nice with the echo. At first the song sounded like a sped up version of CCR's 'have you ever seen the rain', or the Guerudo Vally theme from Zelda lol ...But as aforementioned, it sounds like yeh got a strong voice, maybe just needs a tiny bit of refinement.

Things to improve IMO...The intro solo was hard to follow and I couldn't get any emotion out of it, so I think reworking it would be a must...And this suggestion is just purely my preference in songs but, make it shorter

Anyways nice song, keep writing