Well I've asked this many times and I'm still confused. So anyways I want to be able to have good sound quality + video. So example on youtube for GOOD QUALITY AUDIO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWgbMY-s_2g

BAD QUALITY AUDIO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHkaRekc7vE

(no offence to either videos, just showing good quality and bad quality, there both good videos for guitar)

Anyways, I obviously know the GOOD AUDIO person is recording during the video(straight into the computer audio board) and then puting the recording audio over the video after.

Im sure you guys should know this.. And would a good webcam work for this? and what progams can you use for this ?

Thanks alot , Adam
some webcam software allows you to click and pick where your audio is coming from. You can select from the webcam microphone (bad audio) or from an external mic and have it merged with the video in real time... that's likely what they are doing.
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I think they're recording straight into the comp and the video is somehow working while he is recording, I understand that but I just really don't know what software they're using
I prefer using a standard video camera when doing youtubes so video recording wont slow the computer down when doing the audio recording.

I'll use either my old 8MM camera or my dads now Sony handycam and record alone on that but at the same time I'll set my computer to record the audio. I'll normally feed into my mixer board which is hooked into my line in jack on the sound card and have Audacity recording.

After the video is done I'll edit by putting the video file down and syncing the audio with it on the time line.
It's hard to sync just right at times but once it's in place you're good to go.

This is one of my old Gear Reviews which I did with this method while using my dads new Sony cam:

Its normally 350mb and high quality but to get it on myspace I had to kick it down to 100mb which really effects the quality.

as for software, a fair one to try which is free and comes on most PCs is Windows Movie Maker. It does crash a lot and glitch though if you have a slow computer (and about 512mb ram) but you can counter it by saving your file after EVERY step.
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^moody thanks alot, I've got a fast computer 2G's of ram, and how would u kick it down( as you were saying you kicked it down from 350mb to 100mb?What program did you use) And I just ordered a webcam, buts it's a good one(30 fps). I think I have adobe premiere elements so that might work. What about cool edit pro 2.1? Would that work?
I used Windows movie maker to take the file size down.

Normally I would use Adobe premiere but I can't seem to figure out how to export the video at anything close to the correct file size.

APE should work well but I have never used it myself.