hey guys this is the FIRST song our band has played ever!
so it may be a little crappy and the singing starts off bad
but we hope to do another version we'r gonna keep practicing
and hopefully we'll get it right.

anyway here's audio ingenium chanelling the spirit of cobain and company
(by the way its really only like 3 min i gave to much time in it)

<embed src="http://minorcrisis.net/files/polly.wav" autostart="true" hidden="true" loop="true"><noembed><div><a href="http://minorcrisis.net/files/polly.wav">polly.wav</a></div></noembed><div><a href="http://minorcrisis.net">Hosted by minorcrisis.net</a></div>

thanks guys!!!!!

uhm the thing isnt working so heres the download

and if that doesnt work try

<a href="http://minorcrisis.net/users/ninjaguy1/333904/" title="download polly.wav">http://minorcrisis.net/files/polly.wav</a>
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wow that was... umm... did you even look up the lyrics? or listen to the song... or learns how to sing and play guitar?... prolly not i guess? sry, but i have to be honest, thats sucks. no flaming intened.

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wow... so ok? don't even hang around to read my reply to you own post?

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Take E. You'll be a dancing fool in no time.

EDIT: Seriously.
sorry but yeah we listened to it and it was kinda our first song but we'll get it better till its good
I'm really sorry to have to say this, but that was God Awful, needs more work than I know how to start explaining....
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Ok Look We get that we need work. We just wanted to see how fast we could learn a new song, we may have rushed it a tad,but we hope to get a better quality/skill recording and add a bass line too. So if you have someting that is particular please let me know! thanks guys!
eh..needs alot of work. guitar was way sloppy...and this is grunge here...lol
theres parts where you arent in line with the guitar... also , Kurt doesnt acutally say "dont hurt yourself" altough those are the lyrics. so you might wanna do it more like he did...(he says more like ..."cut yourself")
You'll get it. But it looks like you used the New Wave Polly Lyrics but covered the acoustic song.
Worst case senario you can always play the guitar smoothly in one recording then sing over it.
Its not as bad as others I've seen.