what settings do you use.
the only way i can think of describing it as using comparing the dial to numbers on an analog clock. so if that made sense please tell me. im tryin gto see if mine is broken or not or if i just cant find the setting that gives me the sound i want

example of setting:

Level: Tone: Gain:

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i dunno, it always changes for me.

if i want some light overdrive, it'll be level 10, tone 11, gain 12, depending on the volume of the VJ.
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i like to use it as a booster before all my effects..

L: 7
T: 10
G: 2

or sometimes i crank the gain so my sound has a sharpness to in while distorted (DS-2)

L: 3
T: 4-8ish
heavy overdrive


mine is modded though
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