Was watching an Ampeg SVT3 on ebay, until I got out bidded. Then went to Guitar Center with my guitarist so he could get a new pickguard, and I see this lil tiny amp chilling in the bass section that I've never seen before. Next to it was a tiny lil piece of a head, weighed like 5 pounds, at first I laughed to myself and then decided to try it.

Needless to say, I was blown away. The brand was Markbass, and the head I played was 500W Little Mark 2. I looked at some stuff online and can't find anything negative about them, so I come here wondering if anyone owns and Markbass stuff.
They have really caught my interest and I'm wondering if I should leave the legendary Ampeg to give these buggers a try.
Markbass is amazing. They are proving to the world that amazing tone doesn't need a 90 pound head.

They are monsters.
Jeff Berlin uses them. If you don't use them, he'll slap your knuckles with a ruler and make you write "I will not blaspheme" on a chalkboard 100,000 times.

But seriously, Jeff Berlin has a soapbox on the Markbass ads in magazines... reminds me of those infomercials they try and make look like talk shows...
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I think Jeff Berlin's an asshole and would still play Markbass stuff. It's between Markbass (The SD800), GK (Fusion 550) and possibly Mesa for my next rig.
ive heard nothing but good reports from their stuff
fantastic sound but next to no weight
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