I have a Strat with a Floyd Rose, getting a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 in soon, and my Amp's a Crate FXT120. Right now I use a Boss MT-2, but I'm thinkin it's about time I explored some more and found a new pedal. It's been pretty good, but I want to hear suggestions on what's good to get. I'm not a crazy gain freak, my metal isn't usually too intense. The biggest thing is..I want a Pedal that can get me good heavy metal sounds, but most importantly old school hard rock/metal sounds. I want to get Led Zeppelin and AC/DC out of it, anything close to Motley Crue, Van Halen, Motley Crue too. So what's a good pedal that's heavy, with good mids, not too much treble, clarity, and versatility?
I think it would be better to get a new amp. For the tones you want you can't just buy a pedal.
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I think it would be better to get a new amp. For the tones you want you can't just buy a pedal.

A lot of the time people waste money on pedals that don't change anything when they could have spent it on an amp and solved all their tone problems. If you're not a crazy gain freak then you couldn't have bought a worse pedal than the MT-2, it's a fizzy noise machine with very little in the way of tone. How much money do you reckon you could scrape together because an amp is really what you should be looking for.
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What about Marshall's pedals or Digitech pedals ?

I have a MT-2 too and i hate it. It's feedback is annoying.
I don't know how much money I could get together I probably have to wait til my birthday in October to consider getting a new amp. I like the cleans with the crate but it's distortion is easily beaten by the metal zone, n the metal zone isn't terrible but I think it's time I tried something new. Hopefully I'll be able to get a marshall in a few months but for now I'm kinda lacking in money to get an amp.