hey guys, this is somethin i been workin on... im wondering if its any good?




I need to find a place
To hang my head
To get away from
Everything you said
And all the pain I
Feel when you’re around
It burns strong but I
Don’t make a sound

I gotta learn to
Put this hurt to rest
I need to get this
Off my chest
But still the hurt
Inside burns strong
I don’t know if what I
Feel is wrong


All I want is to
Hold you one more time
I can’t keep pretending
That I’m fine
I know I’ll be able
To get through
If someday you’ll
Want me there with you


Everytime that I see
Your face I pray
I pray that I’ll
Get through the day
Remembering all the times
That we once had
The pain inside it
Sometimes gets so bad

Why won’t it all
Just fade away
I wish I had known
What to say
I need to make a choice
Right here, right now
To hang my head, or
Let it all spill out
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