When your practicing what do you do? Do you ignore it and keep going, do you go back and try to fix it? Or do you start whatever your doing from the beginning? And will doing one thing negatively effect performance later on?
personally, i just stop, go back and repeat the bit i screwed up until i think i have it, then i do the riff before it and play it to make sure i can transition to it without screwing up, then i usually keep going or just start again depending on how far into whatever im doing i am
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If you just mess up the once, no, it won't affect it. If it's you being sloppy or if it's something you can't actually do, though, then I always go back and practice it slowly until I get it perfectly.
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Well it depends. Is it something you know you can do, and you just messed up this one time? Keep going. This is good practice for performance. Because when you're performing, there is NO stopping and going back to fix it.
Though if you set out to practice a certain thing you know you don't have down, like a lick of a solo you never got down pat, go ahead and play the lick a few times.

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When I'm practicing a song, I usually go back and fix where I messed up so I can memorize the song correctly. I think if you just kept playing there could be a chance that you wouldn't learn the right way to play it.
just try to keep going, if someone is listening to you that doesn't know what your playing, he'll probably won't notice
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Extremely helpful(and fast ). Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks all.
yea im used to goin back right to the screw up and play again, thing is its become a real habit and if i play live and screw up ill tend to repeat a screw up with ought noticing which is really bad.
it depends on the mess up and how long the little spiel is

Usually I go back a bar or two though.
I don't care if I screw up unless I screw up by missing a string when going to pick it, because that's my biggest weakness, so yeah I go start again and make sure it doesn't happen again, and pay real close attention to the part I messed up when coming back to it.
If I screw up I just continue til it's done and then I repeat the whole song again, if I screw it up again I do it over and over again until I can do it. If I just concentrate on the part I screwed up, I'm just getting pissed and I would quit playing it for the res tof the day.

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You shouldn't be practising fast enough to mess up too badly in any case.
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