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Fender '72 Tele Deluxe
11 65%
Gibson Faded SG Special
2 12%
4 24%
Voters: 17.
So Ive started to research the guitar that I want to buy next. Currently I have a Epiphone G-400 with a duncan '59 & JB. Ive always had more of a love for SG's and Tele's than LP's and Strats so I was wondering what would be a better guitar to choose from. Im playing punk and alternative rock mostly stuff like brand new, blink 182, pearl jam, and third eye blind so what would be the best choice.

My options thus far are:

1 - Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe

2 - Gibson Faded SG Special

I have played both of them and I think they are great but i just can't decide so which would be a better choice for my playing and which is the better guitar and there's a better SG or Tele please help me out.
Why do you have a Dimebag icon if you play Blink-182?
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well iv never even played a tele but i own a gibson SG standard and its the most aweosme guitar EVER!
i would say the SG would be the better choice for the music your playing
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Why do you have a Dimebag icon if you play Blink-182?

currently im in a punk band and most of the people in my band dont like metal but i do. i like all music but my favorite kind is metal and dime's one of my favorite guitarists. and why the hell does it matter?
the fender has a pretty bright sound from its pickups and its pretty easy to play. i like it. my friend has one. really with this you need to play both. id say go for the fender though because you already have an sg with duncans. the gibson faded sg is very low quality and has pickups that arent as good as duncans. your sg probbaly sounds better and plays just about as good as the gibson lol
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Is that the tele with buckers? I think teles with buckers are both impractical, and blashpemous. If it is the tele with singles, you got my approval. Go with the tele.
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In my opinion if you're going to get a SG, make it atleast a Standard, if looks look much better with the fretboard inlays and pickups.
Not that you should buy a guitar for looks or anything, and the tele sounds better