hey guys, can you please give me some links of guitar shops online, i need em from the UK only if you've ever bought a guitar from a website, could you please give me some links because im finding it quite hard to buy the guitar i want, im left handed too and its quite hard to drop on a good one..

yer www.guitarampkeyboard.com is the single best online store in my opinion. have ordered £1000s in equipment off them and it comes quickly and in perfect condition. and customer service is brilliant.
just wanted to add my support for GAK aswell

I bought a £400 guitar from them and it came with the neck snapped- not their fault

and it was replaced within 7 days no trouble at all

so yeah use them =]
www.gak.co.uk or www.thomann.de - thomann cost the same as GAK for shipping and are considerably cheaper on some items but more expensive on others. Only real difference 'cept from the price is shipping may take a day or two more.
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dv247.com <-i'm sure this is a UK based site... they have a link to a specific guitar site.
dolphinmusic.co.uk too i think.
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