I recently noticed that most bassists, on youtube at least, pick with their fingers and mute with their thumb, but I have a habit of picking with my thumb, sometimes alternating with the index, and muting with my palm or fretting hand. I have yet to find someone else who plays like me. So...am I wierd?
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It's your style I sometimes play with 1 finger and sometimes with 3... makes that me weird?? I just play like I want!
Well you know how 'thumb rests' on old basses are down the bottom? That's so you can rest your fingers there to play with your thumb (as the bass was supposed to be played).

One of the bassists for Santana (this was after David Brown) played pretty much exclusively with his thumb, and he did some killer stuff. Can't remember his name now though :\
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tim from RATM plays like that in the "bullet in the head" video. I play like that aswell so your not alone!
electric basses were originally played with the thumb. that was the 'standard' way of doing it. now its not. whatever works for you. i prefer fingers because i can build up a lot more speed with 3 finger plucking than single thumb plucking. but really its up to you.
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Play how you want, however I can't imagine your top speed can get very high like that.
In the old days (50s 60s) thats how most electric bassists would play. I recall hearing someone say that in a documentary about the beach boys... for some reason...


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I don't play just with the thumb...I use all but the pinky, and I'm training myself to use it as well...

Still, nice to know I'm not alone
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