Ok, I made a few topics awhile ago asking was sort of amp I should buy for my 2nd amp and my 2nd guitar that I should buy. My guitar is Epi LP100 and Ashton 10 watts. These are AUS prices btw.

Jackson JS30 Dinky (cheaper than DX even with pickup upgrades)

Jackson DX10D

Fender Fat Strat, caught my eye the UG reviews made this sound better than the DX10 Dinky. Thoughts?

Roland Cube 60

Or if I can't afford to spend anymore money or time for save up for money

Line 6 SpiderIII 30watts

Roland Cube 30x

I wouldn't need a large amp seeing as I play in my garage and bedroom.

These are all things im considering, could you suggest what would be the best.
BTW, I really don't mind about "how bad the JS are" because im looking for a guitar that has a different feel, with thinner neck etc.
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the DX10D would be better. Even though its a bit more expensive, its a generally better made guitar. And the cube's better than the line 6, although you should really try them out and see for yourself
out of the jacksons i would say get the xd10 and out of the amps i would say the cube 60 but why not just save for a bit more? haste is how bad equipment gets sold
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haste is how bad equipment gets sold

Im so eager to try something new but paranoid about screwing up, I have made it this far not stuffing up though.
what's the conversion of usd to aud (sp?)?
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!