alrightt, i've had mine for about a year now, and managed to get a half decent sound out of that'll do me for most of the metal i play, but recently i've been moving into more hardcore/metalcore stuff like still remains, shai halud and parkway.

problem isss i can't get the pedal to put out enough bass and 'chug' without cutting the gain, which i obviously need, i've tried it on all the modes and pissed around with it for ages, but i still can't get it right.

in short, is my pedal either ****, not versitile enough, or am i doing something wrong?

if it's the former got any recommendations?

cheersss for any replies i get.

sorry if this is the wrong forum BTW.
buy a metal muff hmm, i dont remember where i found it, but i found a site where ppls had written down loads of settigns for songs, bands and such for different pedals
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