Hey there everyone. figured i'd introduce myself...My name is Christian...originally from California...now living in Oxford, UK studying motorsport engineering....So I'm new to the forum AND a new guitar player..

I bought a nice acoustic 3 weeks ago and have been enjoying playing it very much. Since it's a steel string and brand new (high action) my fingers toughened up pretty quickly. Got it set up the other day and now it's much easier to play. I've just been doing the beginner thing, learning chords, scales, some blues stuff and arpeggios.

And the other day I decided I wanted an electric too. But since I spent a lot on the acoustic I figured I'll get a cheapo electric for now so I bought a POS behringer strat copy from ebay for about 40 quid shipped brand new.

And I can actually get some decent sounds out of it when it's connected through my puter using guitar rig. I think I'll probably upgrade the pickups to last me until I can get a better electric (would like to build my own custom one).

I got the electric yesterday and was surprised at how much easier it is to play than my acoustic. Already got some bluesy stuff down pretty well like Johnny B Goode (was much easier to play the intro than I thought! practicing those pentatonic scales really helped too)

Here are some pics of my acoustic

no sense in posting up pics of the behringer since everyone knows what chinese made strat replicas look like

oh BTW I do have about 13 years of violin experience and was pretty good for my age when I quit (16 yrs old)..but it was never my instrument and in fact I really didn't like it at all..but I LOVE the guitar and I don't know why it's taken me 6 years to finally pick it up and start.
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