k, I like the prices and selection more on american sites for music, such as zzounds.com. Amazing site, however they do not ship to canada. The same guitar on a canadian site costs like 200 bucks more, and it doesn't even come with a hardshell!! But I found this site that will order from any online store in the states and then send it internationally. Heres the link.


So I'm wondering If anybody here has had any experience with this site, and zzounds.com in particular. Also I'm wondering if you have to send something back to the site from where you purchase it, how hard is it and whats the cost involved?

Remove the middle-man, and try Musician's Friend, instead. I don't know if they ship everything to Canada, but they definitely ship a lot there. Similar prices to Zzounds, if not identical.
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i havent had any experience with the site, but the one thing i always try to look first is which company they will use to ship here (in Canada).

when the item crosses the border, there are going to be brokerage fees. and these fees can go up to ridiculously high amounts. unless they are shipped by USPS, then i think the brokerage fees are already taken care of. the only thing we have to worry are the taxes.

imo, the best bet to order online would be if the seller is willing to ship USPS. if not, then i dont think its wise to risk it, considering (i think) you are looking to buy something that costs a lot

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Musicians Friend is pretty good, however they don't have the guitar I want. Axemusic has the one I want, buts its like 200 more bucks without the hardshell. I'm not to comfortable going through somebody else to get it either, even if its 200 dollars cheaper.